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Who we are:

Pacific Dental Smiles has hand-picked the most caring and professional Dentists and Staff to provide the Dental Care our neighborhoods deserves. 

Throughout years of practice, our founder realized that the best dental care is only available to those living in the most expensive neighborhoods. And as for the other neighborhoods, there were a lot of offices providing service that was not the best to say the least. In these areas, people and patients were treated like numbers. These Dental offices or clinics operate like factories with no personal care.

So we decided to give our neighborhoods what they deserved: the best of both worlds. The best possible care available in expensive private dental offices, with the affordable prices offered at factory like clinics.

There is no reason why families in all neighborhoods should not have the best, most modern, and the highest quality care available to them like the affluent families have in their neighborhoods. Furthermore, our founders, dentists, and staff have the skills and tools to make the dental services affordable.

Dr. Michael's Vision:

Dr. Michael Danial was part of City Dental Centers from 2007-2018, and has been practicing dentristy since 2000. However recently he decided to dedicate all of his care focusing on the Ontario and Santa Ana areas through his new practice at Pacific Dental Smiles. The Vision was to create a neighborhood dental office where every patient will be treated like family with the most caring, gentle approach.

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