A Comprehensive Mouth Clean For A Brighter Smile

Nothing beats the feeling of wearing your smile with pride. Knowing that your teeth are professionally cleaned is the first step to ensuring a bright, beautiful smile. With pain-free dental cleaning services, you can be well on your way to maintaining the natural beauty of your teeth.

At Pacific Dental Smiles, we strive to provide our patients with high-quality dental care treatments no matter your age. Teeth are soaked in saliva, which helps protect and strengthen your teeth. However, the build-up of calcium and other substances in saliva can cause tooth coloring. Our dental cleaning services aim to remove the build-up of plaque and tartar deposits on the teeth.


Regular check-ups are essential to keep your teeth and gums in check. Making sure that you visit a dentist for professional teeth cleaning every 3-4 months is necessary for healthy teeth and gums.

At Pacific Dental Smiles, we have a team of qualified dentists who know the exact cleaning you need. We will examine your dental state, including the amount of plaque and tartar build-up, your gum health and whether you have a case of bone loss or disease, most commonly known as periodontal disease before recommending the cleaning you need to undergo.

We offer these two types of cleaning:


This type of dental cleaning appointment helps to keep your entire oral state in good health as well as help prevent and to stop any gum disease. Prophy is the standard type of teeth cleaning, mainly because it deals with relatively healthy gum and teeth conditions.

The benefits of prophylaxis include:

  • Tartar removal
  • Aesthetically pleasing teeth
  • Fresher breath

Deep Cleaning or Gum Treatment

Deep cleaning isn’t something you only get after missing a couple of visits to the dentist. Well, it’s actually a routine treatment by a dental hygienist every six months. This treatment helps fight off periodontal diseases; this includes bone loss or bone disease, hardened plaque below the gum, or severe gingivitis.

When do you know you need a deep cleaning? As soon as you visit your dentist, he or she will use a probe instrument to measure the area around your teeth to check whether bacteria are forming in your teeth and gums. Numbing will be required in this treatment so that patients don’t experience any pain. At Pacific Dental Smiles, we will then begin with the cleaning procedure on the surfaces of your teeth, ridding them of any germs and tartar deposits.

Our dentist will advise whether you need localized antibiotics and, or irrigation. Note: you will need to undergo two full visits for this treatment. Once you have gone through these visits, our dentists will schedule you for routine check-ups.

Making sure that you have your teeth regularly cleaned is an investment you want to make. This will help prevent any gum diseases.

Prevent these issues early on. Visit us today for teeth cleaning in Santa Ana, California.


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