Your Pacific Dental Smiles dentist will use nothing but the best materials and provide you with the most affordable prices for a dental crown treatment.

A crown is used to restore and protect a damaged tooth by “capping” or covering it.  This procedure will not only strengthen the patient’s tooth, but will also improve the appearance of the tooth by changing the shape or alignment.  Today, the most common materials  for crowns include porcelain, zirconia, or lava  to match the exact color of the patient’s natural tooth.

A crown is recommended  for many reasons including but not limited to:

• Replacing a large filling if very little tooth is remaining
• Protecting a weak tooth from breaking or fracturing
• Restoring an already fractured tooth
• Attaching a bridge
• Covering a dental implant
• Changing the color or shape of a tooth
• Disguising a tooth that has gone through root canal treatment

The most widely used method of dental crowning uses a dental impression. This impression is taken by a dentist during a separate appointment and then used to create a crown that fits the tooth perfectly. By preparing the impression ahead of time, it allows the use of time consuming fabrication methods that may require severe heat.

Preparing a tooth for the crowning procedure usually calls for the removal some of the tooth’s original structure. This sometimes may include healthy areas as well.  This is why a dentist will only advise dental crowning when the benefits of replacing the damaged area outweigh the costs of removing healthy areas.

The life of a dental crown can vary, but the most important factor affecting the lifespan of any dental procedure is the oral hygiene of the patient. Following your dentist’s recommendation for brushing/flossing is extremely important to preserve the life of a dental crown or any restorative treatment for that matter.

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